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May 27, 2003
Six Flags has done a tremendous job of transforming the once plain Jazzland into a great theme park. To compare the changes that took place over the last three years since Jazzland first opened in 2000 until now, I have added a "Then and Now" photo album to the gallery. I will be adding one "Then and Now" photo daily for the next couple of weeks. You can check out the first photo and subsequent photos by clicking on the "Then and Now" photo to the right.

Also, Six Flags had a severe thunderstorm pass through on Memorial Day at about 5:30pm. Some compared this sudden storm to a mini-hurricane as they had plenty of lightning, very strong winds and plenty of driving rain. I have some unconfirmed reports that part of the tent structure in Looney Tunes Adventures received some damage. This bad weather also caused Six Flags to cancel the first scheduled fireworks show of this season.

May 21, 2003
I have added 15 new photos to the gallery courtesy of Montanamystique. She has captured some great pictures of the park, including shots of B:TR, MegaZeph, Lex Luthor's Invertatron and other rides in action. Check out the new photos in the gallery.

Also, Six Flags has extended the deadline for the $49.99 discounted season passes until June 1st. If a local Winn Dixie store does not have the season pass vouchers, you can buy them at the park's guest relations or online at the official Six Flags website.

May 18, 2003
SFNO continues to draw crowds as the park had great attendance this past weekend. Saturday's attendance has got to be close to, if not, a record for the park since its' inaugural season in 2000.

I have added a video of the tallest coaster in the world, Cedar Point's Top Thrill Dragster courtesy of Beavis. This coaster tops out at 420 feet with speeds up to 120 mph. Check out the new video in the gallery. Also, check out some photos of other coasters at Cedar Point.

May 14, 2003
Get your season passes before the discounted $49.99 price ends. Season passes will be going up to $69.99 on May 18th.

I have added 23 new photos to the gallery courtesy of Montanamystique. She has some very unique shots of the park. Check out the new photos in the gallery.

May 11, 2003
Crowds continue to flock to SFNO. Attendance at the park is still strong after five weeks. Mother's Day saw strong crowds and Lex Luthor's Invertatron operated most of the day and part of Saturday. Spillway Splashout is still waiting for its new chain and Muskrat Scramber was still down for repairs. I have added a new album of pictures courtesy of Tron taken on Saturday, May 10th. Check out the new photos in the gallery.

May 7, 2003
I have added a new Reverse Point-of-View Video of Coasterfreak and Tron on Batman: The Ride. This video was taken on April 12th at the "Sneak Peak" Media Day. Watching this video, you will see how smooth a B&M coaster travels through it's inversions.

Also, SFNO announced that they will host the first annual latin festival called "Festival Hispano". Check out the news & rumors page for more information.

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