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November 15, 2003
According to Six Flags Corporate, $75 million in capital inprovements will be spread amongst its' parks for the 2004 season. Where does this leave SFNO? Will we get any new rides or attractions? Nothing is confirmed or denied. Check out this blurb from the Times Picayune:
    Park General Manager Terry Prather said Friday that the 2003 season was "fantastic." In keeping with Six Flags' policy, he did not release attendance figures. He did say a decision on whether to build a new ride or a water park for the 2004 season has not been made yet.
So, nothing has been ruled out and maybe, just maybe, we will get a new ride or attraction. You can read the entire article on NOLA.com, the Times Picayune's online domain. The article is mainly on New Orleans East development.

July 22, 2003
Bruce Wayne Day
On Friday, August 8th, Six Flags New Orleans is inviting all "Bruces" and "Waynes" (first, middle or last name with proper ID) to visit the park for FREE to ride Batman: The Ride as much as they like or dare from 10 am to 1pm. All "Bruces" and "Waynes" will receive the following:
• Bruces/Waynes receive wristbands to show they are REALLY a Bruce or a Wayne.
• Up to six coupons/wristbands at entrance for family/friends of Bruces/Waynes to join in the fun. Family/friends get in for the greatly reduced price of $19.99 each.
• Wristbands allow Bruces/Waynes and guests to ride Batman: The Ride as much as they like or dare until 1pm. (Wristbanded guests will enter and exit each time through the exit)
• Bruces/Waynes receive a coupon for FREE Coke product.
• Bruces/Waynes receive a 25% off coupon to purchase Batman merchandise at all Six Flags New Orleans retail shops.
• The thrill of riding again and again one of the coolest coasters in the region!
After riding Batman:The Ride all morning, participants will be encouraged to stay all day and enjoy ALL of the exciting rides, shows and attractions Six Flags New Orleans has to offer.
Source: Six Flags New Orleans press release

May 7, 2003
Festival Hispano
On Sunday, May 18th, Six Flags New Orleans will host Festival Hispano, a family "funday" in the park culminating in an exciting Latin music concert featuring the following international singing sensations:
• Saroya at 4:00 pm
• Josie Esteban at 5:00 pm
Advance tickets are $19.99 plus tax (Concert FREE wth park admission)
Tickets are available at the following locations:
• Barreda Supermarket
• Los Latinas Supermarket
• Union Supermarket
• LaEstrella/Caribe Grocery
• Dreams Beeper
• Sabor Latino
Source: Six Flags New Orleans press release

April 6, 2003
Plus-up your Six Flags New Orleans season pass with the new Platinum Plus upgrade - just $19.99, plus tax. Here's what you get!
• Bring-a-Friend Free Ticket - Valid Any Day
• Free T-Shirt
• Free Ride on Skycoaster
• Free Sports Bottle With Drink
• Free Bag of Cotton Candy
• Bring-a-Friend Free Ticket - Valid during Fright Fest

March 22, 2003
Fun Facts about the transformation and expansion of Six Flags New Orleans:
• Twenty-five (25) construction companies are being used to transform Six Flags New Orleans
• Fifty (50) mature live oaks and southern magnolias have been planted to create a cooler environment in the park
• Approximately 5,000 pilings have been driven
• Approximately 15,000 cubic yards of cement have been poured
• Approximately 85,000 sq ft of cloth have been used to create shade structures

March 21, 2003
The following information is from an official source at Six Flags New Orleans.

The following are the names of the Looney Tunes Adventure rides:
• BUGS BUNNY BARNSTORMERS (formerly Beadsville Airport)
• PEPE LE PEW & THE SWINGS DE PARIS (formerly Zinger Swinger)
• DAFFY DUCK & THE BACKLOT TOUR BUS (formerly Jolly Jitney)
• YOSEMITE SAM & THE WILD WEST WHEEL (formerly Little Easy)
• TWEETY’S TWEEHOUSE (formerly Frog Hopper)
• ROAD RUNNER EXPRESS (formerly Rex's Rail Runner)

The following are the names of the DC Comics Super Heroes Adventures rides:
• BATMAN: THE RIDE (B&M inverted coaster)
• LEX LUTHOR’S INVERTATRON (Zamperla Windshear)
• CAT WOMAN’S WHIP (Mondial Shake)
• JOKER’S JUKEBOX RIDE (Schwarzkopf Monster/Polyp)

The following is a special attraction in Cajun Country:

The following are the new shows throughout the park:
• BATMAN THRILL SPECTACULAR (Hollywood style stunt show at DC Comics Theater)
• AMERICAN POP (25 minute song and dance show under Jocco's Cafe tent)
• ROCKIN’ COUNTRY! (Gator Lacroix's Dockside Cafe, formerly Cajun Dance Hall)
• STATE OF RHYTHM (Broadway/Vegas style show in the Orpheum Theater, formely Festival Hall)
• WHAT’S UP ROCK? (Bugs & Friends song and dance show at Looney Tunes Theater)
• BUGS & FRIENDS! (throughout the park)
• CLUB N-O-6 (Teen Dance Club)
• NEW IMAGE (Pontchartrain Beach a capella singing group)
• MARDI GRAS Y’ALL! (Mardi Gras Street Party)
• PARTY EXPLOSION! (Nightly Pontchartrain Beach laser & fireworks show)

March 11, 2003
According to an official source at Six Flags New Orleans, the following is a schedule of pre-opening day Season Pass processing:
• March 29, 12-6pm (Saturday)
• April 3, 5-9pm (Thursday)
• April 4, 5-9pm (Friday)

March 10, 2003
According to the latest Amusement Business magazine, SFNO will be getting two new interactive Pop Jet water fountains from Water Works International. One fountain will go in the entrance area of DC Comics Superheroes land and the other is rumored to be near Looney Tunes Land. These new fountains, the 50 mature trees and multitude of shade structures should do wonders for keeping park goers cooler during the summer months.

March 7, 2003
According to an official source at Six Flags New Orleans:
• Construction is on schedule and everything is expected to be ready for opening day, April 5th.
• Jester will run both trains backwards.
• They will have Paddle Boats for rent in the basin. (Ed. Comment...This was originally planned for Jazzland's first year. The dock and building were actually built but never opened.)
• 2003 musical events (Click the band name for sample songs and band information):
o April 18 - Christian Family Festival featruing Audio Adrenaline
o April 19 - Christian Family Festival featuring Jars of Clay
o July 12 - Great Gospel Gathering featuring Mary Mary
o August 9 - Joy Fest featuring Toby Mac

February 19, 2003
According to an official source at Six Flags New Orleans:
• Six Flags does not divulge season pass numbers. With that said, the rumored 200,000 season passes already sold is not realistic for the the New Orleans market.
• Starting Monday, February 24th, Six Flags New Orleans will be starting their advertising campaign.
• The official opening day is April 5th not April 6th. The official website is not correct.
• The 2003 operating schedule is as follows (as it stands now):
o April 5 - May 18 – Weekends only
o May 24 – August 17 – Daily
o August 23 – November 2 – Weekends only
• The park will close at 9pm on weekdays and 10pm on weekends.
• Six Flags New Orleans will be mailing out information packets to past and targeted season pass holders. There won’t be anymore of a discount than what you will be able to get at Winn Dixie starting March 24th, which is $49.99.

February 14, 2003
Contrary to rumors, Six Flags New Orleans will start on-site season pass processing before the park opens on April 5, 2003. The exact date has not been finalized, but patrons will not have to fight extremely long lines on opening day.

At this time, season pass vouchers are only available online. Starting March 17th, season pass vouchers will be available for purchase at all metropolitan New Orleans, Gulfport MS, and Baton Rouge Winn Dixie locations. All season passes will be $49.99 plus tax until May 18th. After that date, season passes will only be available at Six Flags New Orleans and the price will go up to $69.99 plus tax.

Six Flags season parking passes will be $35 and will be available for purchase during season pass processing times.

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