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April 27, 2003
I have added a new Interactive Park Map to the site. This is not your ordinary park map however. This map contains actual pictures of everything in the park. Move your mouse over a ride, and a picture and ride height restrictions will pop up. Move you mouse over a restaurant, and a picture and full menu with prices will pop up. There are plenty other places on the map that have pop up pictures. Check it out now.

WARNING: This is a large file (approximately 500 kb) and may take awhile loading on dial-up connections.

April 23, 2003
I have added the opening day video to the gallery. The video contains scenes from the opening ceremonies and the first official ride on B:TR. Watch Terry Prather, Mayor Nagin, Councilman Batt and Six Flags V.P. Tom Iven take the inaugural run on B:TR.

April 20, 2003
Saturday was the busiest day I have personally seen at SFNO/Jazzland. With the combination of a three day holiday, the Christian Family Festival and the second week of operation, the park was very busy. Last weeks grand opening was not the end of the construction at SFNO. This week they added many details, including shade structures in DC Comics, painting Catwoman's Whip and other miscellaneous touches around the park. Check out the latest photos from the second week of operation at SFNO.

April 17, 2003
I have added more photos from Grand Opening day courtesy of Coasterfreak. Included in these photos are two great shots of Mayor Nagin, Terry Prather and Tom Iven, a Six Flags VP, on the first official ride of B:TR.

April 16, 2003
I have added scanned images of the 2003 Season Passholder coupon calendar to the photo gallery. The calendar has operating hours and many great coupons inside, including bring a friend for free, bring a friend for $10, and bring two friends for $20 on certain dates. Also included are food, merchandise and many more discounts. If you haven't purchased a $49.99 season pass yet, this should help encourage you to do so. Be sure to purchase your season passes before May 18th when prices will go back to normal rates ($69.99).

April 12, 2003
Six Flags New Orleans had it's Grand Opening today. Overall, the park looked great. A few rides did not run today, including Jester (which I was told would be running on Sunday), Ozarka Splash and Krazy Krewe. All rides in DC Comics Superheroes Adventure were up and running. Also, all rides in Looney Tunes Adventures were running. I was very impressed with the transformation of this part of the park. Check out the photo highlights of opening day at Six Flags New Orleans.

April 11, 2003
I have added some video captures of a video that Tron took at the media "Sneak Peak" yesterday. The video will be edited and posted at a later time. In the meantime, you can check out the video captures in the photo gallery.

April 10, 2003
A media "Sneak Peak" was held on Thursday, April 10th at Six Flags New Orleans. SFNO.com was invited to this event along with other news media. The event was held to show off the new DC Comics Superheroes Adventure area. Coasterfreak, Tron and I were able to ride Batman: The Ride several times and take plenty of photos and videos of the new expansion. Check out the photos of our afternoon at Six Flags' newest theme park.

April 6, 2003
Six Flags New Orleans will be offering an ugrade option to the season passes. Check out the news & rumors page for price and benefits of the offer.

April 5, 2003
Today was another day of season pass processing at SFNO. Main Street and all its shops were open today for people who were processing their passes to do some pre-opening shopping. I have posted some new photos of the park transformation from Main Street and a few photos of DC Comics from the parking lot.

April 3, 2003
According to an official source at Six Flags New Orleans, the following is a modified schedule of pre-opening Season Pass processing:
April 3rd, 5-9pm (Thursday)
April 4th, 5-9pm (Friday)
April 5th, 9am-6pm (Saturday)
April 6th, 9am-5pm (Sunday)

The Math and Science days scheduled for April 10th and 11th are not affected by the delayed opening.

Also, the Times Picayune has an article about the delayed opening, with quotes from Gary Story, president of Six Flags and Tim O'Brien, editor of Amusement Business trade journal.

April 2, 2003 - 5:30pm
It was just reported on WWL-TV in New Orleans that Six Flags New Orleans will not open this weekend as planned but will open one week later on Saturday, April 12th. Check out the report at WWL-TV's website.

I think this is a wise decision by Six Flags New Orleans management. After all, first impressions are lasting and an incomplete park would have done more damage to people's perceptions than the delay in opening. This just gives us another exciting week of anticipation.

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