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May 16, 2000
Updated Season Parking Pass information on Home Page and News & Rumors Page

May 15, 2000
Added plenty of photos on the Sneak Preview Page

May 8, 2000
Added MegaZeph testing photos and many never before seen pictures on Photos Page

May 3, 2000
Added close-up photos of MegaZeph and testing photos of Sonic Slam and Bayou Blaster on Photos Page

April 23, 2000
Added Season Lengths to Table on Home Page

April 19, 2000
Added photos of Jazzland Parking & Entrance Signs to the Photos Page

April 16, 2000
Added a Season Parking Pass form emailer & revised the Theme Park Passes table on the Home Page

April 14, 2000
Added photos of Kid's Carnival, Lafitte's Pirate Ship and Spillway Splash-Out to the Photos Page

April 10, 2000
Added photos of Sonic Slam/Bayou Blaster (Turbo drop/Power shot towers) to the Photos Page

April 7, 2000
Added photos of Muskrat Scramble (wild mouse coaster), Park Entrance, Gator Bait and Cypress Plunge (log ride) to the Photos Page

April 4, 2000
Added photos of MegaZeph (wooden coaster), Zydeco Scream (Boomerang) and Cypress Plunge (log ride) to the Photos Page

April 2, 2000
Added photos of Big Easy (ferris wheel), Dizzy Lizzy (Frisbee) and Zydeco Scream (boomerang) to the Photos Page

April 2, 2000
Added News & Rumors Page

April 1, 2000
Updated the Favorite Links Page

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