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February 23, 2001
According to a source I won't reveal, there is some bad news for Jazzland coaster fans. Jazzland has put the Vekoma SLC on the back burner until the 2002 season. Instead, Jazzland may install a "Liquid Coaster" for this season. A "liquid coaster" is a mix between a rollercoaster and a water flume ride. Instead of a boat floating freely between walls, a "liquid coaster" has a boat that rides on rails. Usually, the ride starts out like a roller coaster and then ends with a plummeting drop into a pool of water, getting everyone soaked. My quess is they will be getting one from Premier Rides. Premier Rides installed America's first "liquid coaster" at Silver Dollar City called Buzzsaw Falls in 2000. Thrillride.com has an excellent ride review about this coaster. If this rumor is true, then I think it is a good move on Jazzland's part. With the extemely hot summers here in Louisiana, Jazzland visitors need all the wet rides they can get to keep cool.

February 15, 2001
According to the Times Picayune newspaper, Jazzland is having problems paying some of their vendors. Could this mean trouble for Jazzland's future?

February 12, 2001
According to Screamscape.com, Jazzland's new Vekoma SLC will have blue supports with yellow track and red cars. Also, the Jazzland Hotel and Conference Center has started construction. In other news, Jazzland is being sued by some of their construction contractors for costs related to opening Jazzland.

January 31, 2001
Jazzland has released its 2001 Season operating schedule. This year Jazzland will be open a total of 153 days plus two "Physics Phestival" days. Also, Jazzland announced back in November 2000 that they will be adding a standard Vekoma Suspended Looping Coaster for the 2001 season.

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