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Updated - 7/21/2008

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July 21, 2008

For the last 7 or 8 months, there has been ongoing discussions on the Message Boards about a company taking over the former Six Flags New Orleans theme park, rebuilding, adding water park attractions and then reopening the park for 2009. Today, Danny Rogers, CEO of Southern Star Amusement Inc., was interviewed and took phone calls on WWL radio's The Spud Show. Mr. Rogers talked about the concept of an all inclusive waterpark/thrill ride park, the use of RFID arm bands and biometric lockers and other topics related to making this amusement park as family friendly as can be. You can listen to the whole interview by clicking this link.

By the way, according to this SSAI press release, the new official name of the park will be...............
Legend City Adventure Park

October 17, 2007

On August 29th, 2005, Hurricane Katrina changed South Louisiana and Mississippi forever. The devastation from flooding caused by storm surge, over-topping of the levees and the failure of other levees has and will forever change the landscape of the affected cities. There are years and years worth of rebuilding work to even get back to some sense of normalcy.

Six Flags New Orleans was not spared from the wrath of Katrina. The park was under 5 plus feet of water for weeks before the area was pumped dry. The huge guest parking lot was used in the subsequent year or so as a staging area for FEMA trailers for distribution to area residents. Six Flags has not "officially" made a decision about what to do with the park. Below is a statement from the Six Flags website:

Six Flags is still in the process of settling claims with its insurers due to substantial damage caused by Hurricane Katrina. As a result, Six Flags New Orleans will remain closed for the 2007 season. We know that it is still a difficult time for the residents of New Orleans, and we remain committed to working with the city in support of the recovery efforts.

Time will only tell what will happen to the theme park in New Orleans East. Six Flags decision to remove Batman:The Ride (a B&M inverted coaster) and move it to Six Flags Fiesta Texas is not a good sign. This questionable decision by Six Flags and plenty of other questions remain to be answered. In the meantime, please visit the Message Boards to discuss these and other topics about our favorite, local theme park.

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