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 Miracle Strip Park 

Park Entrance welcomes guests for a final season of thrills...
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Because Miracle Strip will be closing forever after the 2004 season
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Shipwreck Island, the adjacent water park owned by Miracle Strip, will remain open
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This area of Panama City Beach features a variety of entertainment, such as Goofy Golf and these "extreme attractions" down the block
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Starliner, the star headliner at Miracle Strip, leaves the station to begin its journey
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Starliner climbs the lift. The coaster was built by John Allen of the Philadelphia Tobaggan Company for the park's opening in 1963. The trains are PTC's and feature single position, non-ratcheting lap bars!
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Ride operators prepare to stop the train as it approaches the long brake run
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Stopping the train with manually controlled skid brakes
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Starliner is one of the few coasters still operating manually today!
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Starliner's lift hill and some nearby kiddie rides
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This fun and colorful Wave Swinger was manufactured by Zierer
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The O2 Tower towers over the park
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Shooting gallery and Ferris Wheel
Viewed: 2008 times.
This classic Ferris Wheel made by Eli Bridge is the same model found at City Park Carousel Gardens
Viewed: 2110 times.
Entrance to the Starliner queue
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