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 Holiday in the Park 

SFOT from a distance
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Getting closer!
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Park entrance from across the lake
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Superman Tower of Power, Dive Bomber Alley, Wildcatter, Mr. Freeze, and Batman: The Ride
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Park Entrance and plaque comemorating the history of the six flags that have flown over Texas
Viewed: 2738 times.
Silver Star Carousel, Oil Derrick, and Clock Tower

Viewed: 2790 times.
One of many fires to keep guests warm
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Texas section lights as darkness approaches
Viewed: 2665 times.
Creek in Texas section with Oil Derrick in background

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Sign near El Asseradero
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El Asseradero, the world's first Log Flume ride, was manufactured by Arrow
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Natural scenic beauty is plentiful at SFOT
Viewed: 2427 times.
Titan (Giovanola hypercoaster) after sunset
Viewed: 2458 times.
Top of Titan's lift
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Texas Giant, a Summers/Dinn wooden twister, was closed during the 2003 Holiday In The Park

Viewed: 3018 times.
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